New portmaster with -o and other fixes

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Feb 28 18:59:50 UTC 2007

John Marshall wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>>   New Feature
>>   ===========
>>   --clean-distfiles[-all] options to check /usr/ports/distfiles for
>>   stale stuff, and either offer to delete them or delete them all
>>   without prompting.
> Thanks for this New Feature Doug! It's almost exactly what I have been
> meaning to ask for. A couple of enhancement requests...
> 1. Could it please use DISTDIR if defined in /etc/make.conf

Yeah, that's easily done. I have it in the other distfile cleaning
routine, I just forgot to add it here. Thanks for pointing it out.

> 2. Could it please have an option to clean distfiles for ALL (rather
> than just installed) ports (cf. 'portsclean -D' and 'portsclean -DD')

It's already doing what -DD does. I'll give some thought to doing what
-D does. The method I'm using to make the cleaning fast and efficient
scales ok up to a couple thousand ports (more than I think most users
would have installed) but I doubt it would scale well up to 16k or
more. :)



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