docbook-sk - xmlcatmgr: entry already exists

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Feb 27 19:35:21 UTC 2007

Joshua Tinnin writes:
>  I saw this mentioned a while back,

	Probably by me.

>							 but supposedly it's been fixed.
>  scrollkeeper depends on docbook-sk, but I get this error when
>  trying to install:
>  ===>  Checking if textproc/docbook-sk already installed
>  for file in `/usr/bin/find /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-sk/work -type f |
>  /usr/bin/sed -e 's|^/usr/ports/textproc/docbook-sk/work/||' |
>  /usr/bin/grep -v '^\.' | /usr/bin/sort`; do  install  -o root -g wheel
>  -m 444 /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-sk/work/$file
>  /usr/local/share/xml/docbook/4.1.2/$file;  done
>  xmlcatmgr: entry already exists for
>  `/usr/local/share/xml/docbook/4.1.2/' of type `CATALOG'
>  *** Error code 1

	_As I remember it_ the solution is to delete the catalog.
(i.e. make a backup, then delete the original)  The port will
evaluate this to a problem it understands and Do The Right Thing.

				Robert Huff

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