Weird "make index" behaviour

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Tue Feb 27 05:45:25 UTC 2007

I recently did a 'make index' on my amd64 system, after which 'portsdb -u'
/var/db/ports/INDEX-6:6529:lightning-xpi-_2: _2: Not in due form: '<version>[_<revision>][,<epoch>]'.

Looking at deskutils/lightning-xpi/Makefile, it specifies:
 ONLY_FOR_ARCHS= i386 sparc64
and only sets ARCH_PORTVERSION on those architectures.

Taken individually, it seems reasonable that:
1) 'portsdb -u' would require valid port names in the INDEX
2) ARCH_PORTVERSION is only defined on architectures where the port can
   be built
3) The INDEX file is cross-architecture and so 'make index' ignores

Unfortunately, taken all together, things break.

The underlying problem is that lightning-xpi has different versions on
i386 and sparc64 - which renders a common INDEX file impossible.

My temporary work-around was to define ARCH_PORTVERSION anyway so portsdb
is happy.  A real fix would be nice.

Peter Jeremy
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