Portupgrade omitting dependencies?

Sergey Matveychuk sem at FreeBSD.org
Sun Feb 25 16:35:43 UTC 2007

Randy Pratt wrote:
> Before starting, I had no DELETED comments in /var/db/pkg/*/+CONTENTS.
> After following the above steps, I checked for DELETED comments:
> ImageMagick- DELETED:pkgdep ghostscript-afpl-8.54,1
> ImageMagick- DELETED:DEPORIGIN:print/ghostscript-afpl
> I have no idea where the references to ghostscript-afpl come from
> since I have only ghostscript-gnu installed.

Yes, I've noticed a problem with ghostscript-* too. I think I should add
a special work around for it.

> The "portversion -vL=" show the following needed updated:
> It seems that portversion missed the need to update firefox.

A reason for it could be you did not refresh your INDEX file (pkgdb -Fu
will do it). portversion use info only from INDEX file, but when you
execute porupgrade, it checks a version against a port dir.

> After running portupgrade -a, I again checked for any additional
> DELETED entries (omitting the previously mentioned ghostscript-afpl
> entries for clairty):
> # grep DELETED /var/db/pkg/*/+CONTENTS | grep -v ghostscript
> /var/db/pkg/gmencoder-0.1.0_7/+CONTENTS:@comment DELETED:pkgdep intltool-0.35.5
> /var/db/pkg/gmencoder-0.1.0_7/+CONTENTS:@comment DELETED:DEPORIGIN:textproc/intltool

Hmm. There is no intltool in dependencies of the port. I guess it may be
a result of some changes in ports infrastructure.

> # grep mplayer /var/db/pkg/kino-0.9.5/*
> /var/db/pkg/kino-0.9.5/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep mplayer-skins-1.1.2_6
> /var/db/pkg/kino-0.9.5/+CONTENTS:@comment DEPORIGIN:multimedia/mplayer-skins
> /var/db/pkg/kino-0.9.5/+CONTENTS:@comment DELETED:pkgdep mplayer-0.99.10_4
> /var/db/pkg/kino-0.9.5/+CONTENTS:@comment DELETED:DEPORIGIN:multimedia/mplayer
> This doesn't seem to be correct since it keeps mplayer-skins and removes
> mplayer.  Likewise for gmencoder:

It's mysterious for me. I'll try reproduce the situation.


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