INDEX build failed for 5.x

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Sun Feb 25 07:44:37 UTC 2007

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-5 - please wait..horde-passwd-3.0_2: "/local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports/www/horde" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete
===> www/horde-passwd failed
*** Error code 1
*** Error code 1

Stop in /local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports.
1 error

Committers on the hook:
db linimon rafan sat tmclaugh 

Most recent CVS update was:
U audio/exaile/Makefile
U audio/exaile/distinfo
U audio/exaile/pkg-plist
U comms/fldigi/Makefile
U comms/fldigi/distinfo
U comms/fldigi/files/patch-makefile
U comms/hamlib/Makefile
U comms/hamlib/distinfo
U comms/hamlib/files/
U comms/hamlib/files/patch-libltdl_configure
U comms/hamlib/files/patch-macros_libtools.m4
U comms/wsjt/Makefile
U comms/wsjt/files/patch-configure
U comms/wsjt/files/patch-cutil.c
U comms/wsjt/files/patch-get_fname.F90
U comms/wsjt/files/patch-jtaudio.c
U comms/wsjt/files/patch-padevsub.c
U comms/wsjt/files/
U comms/wsjt/files/
U deskutils/kronolith/Makefile
U deskutils/mnemo/Makefile
U deskutils/nag/Makefile
U devel/chora/Makefile
U devel/p5-Term-Shell/Makefile
U devel/p5-Term-Shell/distinfo
U ftp/gollem/Makefile
U lang/mono/Makefile
U lang/mono/files/patch-mono_io-layer_shared.c
U mail/imp/Makefile
U mail/ingo/Makefile
U mail/mimp/Makefile
U mail/turba/Makefile
U security/jeta/Makefile
U www/Makefile
U www/horde-base/Makefile

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