New portmaster with -o and other fixes

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Feb 25 07:09:19 UTC 2007

Craig Boston wrote:
>>   Log:
>>   New Feature
>>   ===========
>>   --clean-distfiles[-all] options to check /usr/ports/distfiles for
>>   stale stuff, and either offer to delete them or delete them all
>>   without prompting.
> That's excellent news!  Now I can use -D during upgrades to avoid
> pausing between port builds, and run this later to manually clean up the
> distfiles.

*nod* I don't want to change the default, but I think that
portmaster -aD will become a lot more popular. :)

> I'm a bit paranoid about automatically deleting them -- had one too many
> times when port[master|upgrade|foo] got confused by slave ports or weird
> file names and deleted hard to replace* distfiles.

I think that you'll find the method I'm using for the 
--clean-distfiles option a lot safer, since it relies on the distinfo 
files. I'm torn about what to do with the distfile purging routines 
that are already in there for individual upgrades. On the one hand, 
the fact that they are aggressive pretty much guarantees that they 
will find any old distfiles related to a given port. On the other 
hand, that aggressiveness can be annoying, and/or dangerous.

> Thanks again for your work on portmaster!

Thanks for the kind words. :)



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