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Peter Beckman beckman at
Sat Feb 24 14:13:44 UTC 2007

On Fri, 23 Feb 2007, Craig Boston wrote:

> I'm currently the maintainer for the Audacity port, however I haven't
> had much free time lately and it needs some attention.  Previously I was
> in a position that I needed this software almost daily, however due to a
> chance in circumstances a while back I only rarely use it now.
> If there is anyone who feels like they have the time to dedicate to it
> and wants to take over maintainership please let me know.  There's a few
> issues with it that need to be kept in mind and I'd like to make sure
> that information gets passed on.  I'm cc-ing Jack as he maintains the
> audacity-devel port and may be interested.
> In the meantime I'm going to at least try to get the latest stable
> release working over the weekend (there's a PR about it with a patch but
> it didn't work on i386 when I tried).  I don't want the port to be
> without a maintainer, so I'll keep it so long as nobody steps up, but
> can only make best-effort guarantees about timeliness.

  I'm not interested in maintainership of Audacity, but your post did bring
  up a thought.

  I think it would make sense to have a wiki for maintainers where they can
  keep notes, documentation and special circumstances information about
  ports.  Add links to the definitive source of the code, a short history,
  a link to the CVS/SVN repository changelog, and as Craig mentioned above a
  listing of "a few issues ... that need to be kept in mind."  This way even
  if Craig got hit by a beer truck (God forbid), the knowledge Craig gained
  during his maintainership would live on.  One section per port, and ports
  could link to eachother (dependencies).

  A tool could be written that would generate the baseline documentation on
  the fly (or at least generated as text to be copied and pasted into the
  wiki to save time).  A default template and instructions/guidelines would
  be strongly encouraged to keep the documentation consistent.

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