NTFS-3G install errors

Csaba Molnar molnarcs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 22:16:12 UTC 2007

2007. February 23. 21.46 dátummal David Stanford ezt írta:
> > > First, I would suggest sending posts like this to the
> > > freebsd-questions@ list rather than freebsd-ports at .
> >
> > It's a question about a port. There is no reason not to ask it on
> > freebsd-ports at .
> It wasn't a question about a port. It was a question regarding how to
> install NTFS-3G directly from source, not from the ports collection.
> Version 1.0 of sysutils/fusefs-ntfs was only just committed today.
> -David

I see your points - both of yours :) Still, I have a question which I think 
fits this list: how do you enable it automatically? It would be great if 
there were pointers in pkg-message, because now it is not very 

Neither fusefs, nor ntfs-3g doesn't work as a fs type in fstab. Enabling 
fusefs via rc.conf brings in support too lately in the startup process. What 
I did was to put an rc script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d that requires fusefs and 
mounts my ntfs filesystem. First, relevant rc_command looked like this:

command="ntfs-3g /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/ad0s1/ -o locale=en_US.UTF-8"

However, this gave me an error during bootup, and didn't mount the filesystem:

Mounting late file systems:mount_fusefs: -o locale=: option not supported

However, by pure chance, I found out that running the command a second time 
will mount the filesystem correctly, even though it spits out these error 

Failed to open /proc/filesystems: No such file or directory
modprobe: not found
Failed to open /proc/filesystems: No such file or directory

So, finally I have this rc script that works:

# PROVIDE: ntfsmount
# REQUIRE: fusefs

. /etc/rc.subr


load_rc_config $name

command="ntfs-3g /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/ad0s1 && ntfs-3g /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/ad0s1/ -o 

run_rc_command "$1"

This works finally, but it is not straightforward at all. I understand that 
the first error messages are due to linuxism (looking for /proc/filesystems) 
but I still don't understand why the above command works only on second try. 
Oh, and this is the behaviour even if I don't have the locale option 
appended, in other words, having only ntfsd-3g /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/ad0s1 won't 
work either, it will only work if you run it twice.

About the locale option: I have a standard english install of winxp on another 
partition, and it seems that certain files cannot be deleted without this 
option (even though they contain only ascii characters, go figure!) - and I'm 
talking about files that are create from FreeBSD. 

Now everything works for me (with the usual gotchas I read about on ntfs-3g 
homepage, like slow copying of large files for instance) - I just thought 
that sharing these issues might help in improving the port.


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