Remove outdated StarOffice ports

Hans F. Nordhaug Hans.F.Nordhaug at
Wed Feb 21 10:59:57 UTC 2007

I have decided (and started) to make a minor contribution to FreeBSD
by looking at broken ports - in particular those with
ports at as maintainer - and fixing them. (I guess I do it
just because I like FreeBSD and I want stuff to be tidy.) Enough said.

I started looking at the broken staroffice ports (listed at
but gave up because the patches no longer are distributed - which makes
sense since this is very old software. I suggest removing


If there aren't any objections, I hope someone with commit permission can
remove them.


PS! There is probably a procedure for stuff like this - should I have
submitted a PR? (I didn't find any info about this when browsing
quickly through the porter's handbook.)

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