How to contribute to the pkg_* tools project ?

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Feb 21 07:11:09 UTC 2007

Quoting Lockless <lockless at> (from Tue, 20 Feb 2007 21:30:19 +0100):

> We (Lucas <Bobby> H. and Alexandre <Lock> C.) are two young students
> from France. We have a quite good theoretical knowledge of C
> programing, but we would like to improve our experience in real
> projects. So we looked at the Projects Ideas on the FreeBSD website,
> and finally found out that contributing to the pkg_* tools could be
> great, but there was no e-mail to contact on the page.
> So who could we contact to get more informations about this project ?

It is ports related, so the mailinglist dealing with ports (CCed,  
please strip hackers@ on reply) would be the most appropriate, as  
there are the most people which may be able to contribute with  
improvement ideas.

Basically the entry on the ideas list says to have a look at the code  
and find stuff which can be improved. Be creative. Profile the tools  
and try to make them faster. Have a look at the code and try to make  
it better (maybe there's stuff which should be put into a library and  
used in all pkg tools). Google around for stuff other people may have  
done or may want to see.

Don't let people lurk you into making a replacement for portupgrade  
(it may be a goal for the second or third project you want to tackle).  
For what you want to do this may be a little bit too early. First get  
a grasp at the existing features and improve them.

An upcomming entry on the ideas list talks about the use of berkeley  
db in the pkg tools (where it makes sense). This was submitted by  
kris@ (a member of portmgr@), so feel free to talk with him (but he  
reads ports@, so talking about it on ports@ will not only give you  
input from Kris, but also from other people).


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