portmaster and local ports (Was: Re: portupgrade O(n^m)?)

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Thu Feb 15 22:19:34 UTC 2007

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 15:54:29 -0600, Doug Barton <dougb at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

> David Gilbert wrote:
>>>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at cox.net> writes:
>> Jeremy> Give ports-mgmt/portmaster a try.
>> I just did.  One flaw it has is that I have two no longer supported
>> ports installed.
> What do you mean by "no longer supported?"
>> I want to run portmaster -a, but when it finds tund
>> (and I assume it would also stop for xsysinfo), it stops.
> What do you mean it stops? Are you getting, "Cannot cd to port
> directory?" If so, one possible fix is to not fail if the port has an

I was wondering about that too, because it has never stop when I don't  
have any of ports in /usr/ports. Sometimes, when I forgot test some  
unoffical ports that aren't exist in ports tree and the portmaster has  
never stop. It only will tell about that it doesn't exists in ports tree  
and MOVED. But, I have not tried to run portmaster that I keep same port  
name with MOVED has a line about that port is removed yet.

> +IGNOREME file, but rather to issue a non-fatal warning. Would that
> work for you? I don't want to skip the port altogether at this point,
> since even if you have an +IGNOREME file for the port you may still
> want to be advised of new versions, moves, etc.

I agree with you. I always move my ports from foobar to foobar-old and use  
marcusmerge to merge some of my unoffical ports into ports tree. Perhaps,  
add something like 'Do you really want it to be ignore? [With a bit  
explain about what is in MOVED], press yes or no'? Or/and add  

>> I'd rather not just delete their package info --- it is still correct.

It is correct for ports tree, but not to you when you want to keep it. :-)

> The other alternative, as already suggested, is to create a ports
> skeleton for those two packages. For this purpose, all you'd need is a
> Makefile with:
> PKGNAME=	foo-1.2.3
> that matches what's in your +CONTENTS file. Adding the mechanism to
> ignore these ports (with no skeleton) is probably a good idea for the
> long run anyway, so if anyone has an idea besides what I suggested
> above, speak up. :)

Don't know, at least, I am 100% happy with portmaster and have not use  
portupgrade for months (maybe almost a year). ;-)


> Doug

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