Looking for kernel constants / documentation - RTC, wordsize

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 15 07:03:35 UTC 2007

Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Hello again,
>     In my effort to continue porting tvtime to freebsd I've come across 
> several issues in compiling the app.
>     One sets of issues are compiling files with Linux specific, mostly 
> dealing with RTC. I did a bit of searching, discovered that the mplayer 
> dealt with a similar issue and the port author submitted the following 
> patch, but I can't seem to find the rtc.h header file:
>  #ifdef HAVE_RTC
> +#ifdef HAVE_BSDRTC
> +#include <rtc.h>
> +#else
>  #include <linux/rtc.h>
>  #endif
> +#endif
> HAVE_BSDRTC is defined by the configure file. Would anyone know where 
> rtc.h is right off-hand?
> Another question is function-wise, will I have to worry about the 
> details with FreeBSD's RTC vs Linux's RTC (apparently Linux's RTC is 
> more defined than FreeBSD's as of 2 years ago, or so some mailing list 
> guy said) or can I just ignore them?
> Finally, where can I find the constant defined in bits/wordsize.h called 
> "__WORDSIZE" (or "WORDSIZE", perhaps)?
> Thanks,
> -Garrett

I found out about the rtc stuff. It appears that there's a port in 
emulators/rtc that takes care of a majority of the compatibility issues. 
Going to talk to the @hacker guys about the last constant reference.

About wordsize though--does anyone know if and where that might be?


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