Looking for kernel constants / documentation - RTC, wordsize

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 15 02:33:07 UTC 2007

Hello again,
	In my effort to continue porting tvtime to freebsd I've come across 
several issues in compiling the app.

	One sets of issues are compiling files with Linux specific, mostly 
dealing with RTC. I did a bit of searching, discovered that the mplayer 
dealt with a similar issue and the port author submitted the following 
patch, but I can't seem to find the rtc.h header file:

  #ifdef HAVE_RTC
+#include <rtc.h>
  #include <linux/rtc.h>

HAVE_BSDRTC is defined by the configure file. Would anyone know where 
rtc.h is right off-hand?

Another question is function-wise, will I have to worry about the 
details with FreeBSD's RTC vs Linux's RTC (apparently Linux's RTC is 
more defined than FreeBSD's as of 2 years ago, or so some mailing list 
guy said) or can I just ignore them?

Finally, where can I find the constant defined in bits/wordsize.h called 
"__WORDSIZE" (or "WORDSIZE", perhaps)?



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