devel/php5-spl: Countable is ineffective

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Mon Feb 12 16:40:42 UTC 2007

# ale at / 2007-02-12 17:27:17 +0100:
> Roman Neuhauser ha scritto:
> >I have PHP 5.2.1 w/ SPL compiled from ports (lang/php5, devel/php5-spl),
> >and it appears Countable is ineffective (the count() method is not
> >called).  5.2.1 with SPL compiled in works.
> >
> >Can anyone confirm this problem?
> Yes, this is the only drawback of having SPL as shared extension (on the 
> other side it has a few advantages). I will look if it can be avoided.

I'm not sure I understand you correctly.  The change broke the module,
and in an extremely dangerous way: affected programs silently change
their behavior.  What advantages could the shared library have over a
working PHP?

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