FreeBSD Port: x11-clocks/dclock

Olivier Regnier oregnier at
Mon Feb 12 11:24:14 UTC 2007


Im currently running Openbox 3 on FreeBSD 6.2. I installed dclock with 
the ports tree. I have .Xresources and .xinitrc files.

my .xinitrc:
dclock -miltime &
exec openbox

and my .Xresources:
dclock*background: #5B9532
dclock*foreground: #F5F5F5
dclock*geometry: -0-0
dclock*led_off: #5B9532
dclock*borderColor: #5B9532
dclock*borderWidth: 0
When i launch openbox, dclock appears in the corner of my screen but the 
borders are present. I think borderColor and borderWidth are missing.

What do think about this problem ? Can you help me please ?

Thank you.

Olivier Regnier

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