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Wed Feb 7 15:49:03 UTC 2007

I recently noticed a new port being committed without a module being
added to CVSROOT-ports/modules.  So, due to a combination of (extreme)
boredom and curiosity, I decided to look at CVSROOT-ports/modules to see
if any other ports were missing.

Whilst manipulating the file with perl, etc, to find a list of
missing ports, I noticed the following (trivial) inconsistancies:

  rcsedit		ports/sysutils/rcsedit

is listed in the CVSROOT section, rather than with all the other ports;

  gaim-consoleui-devel ports/net-im/gaim-consoleui-devel
  gtk-theme-switch ports/x11/gtk-theme-switch
  gtk-themepreview ports/x11/gtk-themepreview
  ja-elisp-manual ports/japanese/elisp-manual
  koffice-i18n-eu ports/misc/koffice-i18n-eu
  koffice-i18n-ga ports/misc/koffice-i18n-ga
  koffice-i18n-hi ports/misc/koffice-i18n-hi
  koffice-i18n-hsb ports/misc/koffice-i18n-hsb
  koffice-i18n-is ports/misc/koffice-i18n-is
  koffice-i18n-mk ports/misc/koffice-i18n-mk
  koffice-i18n-ms ports/misc/koffice-i18n-ms
  koffice-i18n-ro ports/misc/koffice-i18n-ro
  koffice-i18n-uz ports/misc/koffice-i18n-uz
  linux-vmware-toolbox2 ports/emulators/linux-vmware-toolbox2
  linux-vmware-toolbox4 ports/emulators/linux-vmware-toolbox4
  pear-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer ports/textproc/pear-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
  thumbnail_index ports/www/thumbnail_index

all have spaces rather than tabs seperating the columns.


	is listed as a module but is no longer a port

	is missing from modules

	is missing from modules

	is missing from modules

The above problems are all fixed in the attached patch.

However, the below ports are all listed in CVSROOT-ports/modules twice.
This is slightly harder to fix, since I don't know which name is right
(both?).  Nothing is done with these in the attached patch.

  Port				'Best' module name	'Other' module name
  ports/chinese/docproj		zh-docproj		chinese_docproj
  ports/chinese/kde3-i18n-zh_CN	zh-kde3-i18n-zh_CN	zh-kde3-i18n-CN
  ports/chinese/kde3-i18n-zh_TW	zh-kde3-i18n-zh_TW	zh-kde3-i18n-TW
  ports/chinese/tcl83		zh-tcl83		zh-tcl
  ports/chinese/tk83		zh-tk83			zh-tk
  ports/comms/mgetty+sendfax	mgetty+sendfax		mgetty_sendfax
  ports/devel/ElectricFence	ElectricFence		electricfence
  ports/devel/bison		bison			ports_bison
  ports/japanese/jls		ja-jls			ja-ls
  ports/japanese/p5-manual	ja-p5-manual		ja-p5-man
  ports/lang/STk		STk			stk
  ports/lang/Sather		Sather			sather
  ports/lang/logo		logo			ucblogo
  ports/portuguese/kde3-i18n	pt-kde3-i18n		pt-kde3-i18n-pt
  ports/russian/elm.language	ru-elm.language		ru-elm
  ports/russian/pine.language	ru-pine.language	ru-pine
  ports/russian/pscyr		ru-pscyr		ru-ru_pscyr
  ports/russian/xneur		xneur			ru-xneur
  ports/sysutils/nut		nut			ports_nut
  ports/x11-toolkits/gtkglarea--	gtkglarea--	gtkglareamm

David Taylor 
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