how to "unbreak" sqlite?

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Tue Feb 6 04:20:06 UTC 2007

--On February 5, 2007 7:49:31 PM -0800 David Benfell 
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> Hello all,
> When I first tried to install the roadmap port, somewhere down
> the dependency tree, it tried to install the sqlite port.  Not
> knowing any better, I checked both of the options for TCL.  I
> see I can't do that.
> But subsequent attempts to install the port don't give me the
> menu again so I can try again.  It just keeps giving me the
> same error, even though I've tried "make clean."
> [grump... grump... grump...]  What do I do now?

Go to /usr/ports/databases/sqlite.  Type "make rmconfig" to remove the 
setting or "make config" to redo them.  Then build the port again.

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