Beryl/Compiz ports looking for a maintainer

Csaba Molnar molnarcs at
Sat Feb 3 22:50:09 UTC 2007

2007. February 3. 19.42 dátummal Florent Thoumie ezt írta:
> Hey list,
> As you know, (at some point) we're working on 7.2 in a different
> repository. At the moment I have (almost) working ports for compiz and
> beryl. I currently maintain them but it's taking more time than I want
> to allow it. Furthermore, I don't want to maintain them when it's going
> to hit the FreeBSD ports collection and I'm not going to add it without
> a maintainer set. I first thought I would add it to the list of ports
> maintained by x11@ but we/they have enough work to do with the current set.
> So, I'm looking for a maintainer who is responsive, careful, and I guess
> it's better if he's a committer (but that's not mandatory). If you're
> interested and already using my git tree, that's a big plus.
> I'm working at updating beryl ports to (and will probably work
> on the 0.2.0 update) but I hope this is the last one, cause time spent
> on beryl ports isn't spent on something else.

I just want to thank you for your work for bringing this amazing technology to 
FreeBSD. I also browsed their forums, and noticed that 0.2.0 rc1 is seriously 
broken for many users, so its probably better to wait for final (if you were 
going to update it to rc1).

As to your request - I'm neither a commiter, nor qualified (I'm not a 
programmer) to help you with maintaining beryl (only tried "porting" little 
things like kde styles or windecos - stuff that don't debugging code skills). 

Thanks again for your efforts (and the x11 team)!

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