Tilman Linneweh arved at
Sat Feb 3 17:50:39 UTC 2007

Hello Umar,

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On Feb 3, 2007, at 8:42, Umar Draz wrote:
> Fewdays ago I have installed mysql50-server through ports. During  
> install I haved edited Makefile and add --disable-shared in  
> Now today I updated my ports tree. and mysql50-server Makefile is  
> also changeed due to new version so my changing is destroy I want  
> to upgrade mysql50-server with portupgrade so please help me what  
> is the best way to add extra CONFIGURE_ARGS in /etc/make.file or / 
> usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf that whenever I upgrade my mysql50- 
> server my configuration not destroy.
> This is the default Makefile of databases/mysql50-server
> CONFIGURE_ARGS= --localstatedir=/var/db/mysql \
>                 --without-debug \
>                 --without-readline \
>                 --without-libedit \
>                 --without-bench \
>                 --without-extra-tools \
>                 --with-libwrap \
>                 --with-mysqlfs \
>                 --with-low-memory \
>                 --with-comment='FreeBSD port: ${PKGNAME}' \
>                 --enable-thread-safe-client
> I don't want to change these default paraments just want to add  
> extra CONFIGUR_ARGS --disable-shared --with-mysql-user=mysql etc.

Why do want to add --disable-shared?
Beware, if you change the CONFIGURE_ARGS, you are also changing the  
If it would be useful to more people to build mysql with --disable- 
shared, you can write a patch to the port and submit it with send-pr.

You can also try to do it in pkgtools.conf.


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