FreeBSD Port: xfce-4.4.0

Oliver Lehmann oliver at
Fri Feb 2 12:47:51 UTC 2007

Stefan Huerter wrote:

> Guckux Oliver
> My firefox and my thunderbird crashes - It is possible to make one "save 
> link as", the scond selection let's crashes my firefox and my thunderbird.
> (With the earlier version of xfce no problems).
> My Operating system: FreeBSD 6.2STABLE build 20.Jan2006
> "ports-version" - 2 days ago I've made once more "portupgrade -Nrvf 
> xfce4*" and this morning rebuild firefox and thunderbird...
> doesn't help...
> any hints or another way I can help to find the "bug"?

I cannot reproduce this here... I can save two or more different link
targest via "save link as". Maybe you should open a bugreport at

 Oliver Lehmann

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