proper way to do a recursive install ?

Stanislav Sedov stas at
Thu Feb 1 22:54:27 UTC 2007

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007 11:03:45 -0800
Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at> mentioned:
>     #--- this is pkg-plist 000
>     @exec mkdir -p %D/share/linux-bsd-kmod
>     @exec echo "installing into %D/share/linux-bsd-kmod"
>     @unexec echo "uninstalling into %D/share/linux-bsd-kmod"
>     @unexec rm -rf %D/share/linux-bsd-kmod

That seems to me to be not particulary good. That way you'll delete
files installed by user into ${PREFIX}/share/linux-bsd-kmod/ by hand.
It's not good to deinstall files not installed but port, as the one of
the major properties of ports system to not touch the target file
system at all.

There're also several reasons we prefer static pkg-plists over
dynamics. For the first, we has a lot of tools that deals with
pkg-plists so we can gather some information based on ports pkg-plists
automatically. The second reason - you can't be certainly sure that the
port will behave on the user's systems the same way as on your own.
Having static plists this behaviour can be checked and ensured that
all files was installed.

Stanislav Sedov
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