portupgrade fails with "make: don't know how to make misc-depends"

Mark Evenson mark.evenson at gmx.at
Thu Feb 1 13:43:33 UTC 2007

After my daily cvsup (as of 20070201 1300 UTC), portupgrade fails like:

elvis:~$ portupgrade -s fusefs-libs
--->  Upgrading 'fusefs-libs-2.6.1' to 'fusefs-libs-2.6.2' 
--->  Building '/usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-libs'
===>  Cleaning for pkg-config-0.21
===>  Cleaning for gmake-3.81_1
===>  Cleaning for gettext-0.14.5_2
===>  Cleaning for libtool-1.5.22_3
===>  Cleaning for libiconv-1.9.2_2
===>  Cleaning for fusefs-libs-2.6.2
--->  [Executing a command as root: sudo /usr/bin/script -qa 
/tmp/portupgrade.76367.0 env UPGRADE_TOOL=portupgrade 
UPGRADE_PORT=fusefs-libs-2.6.1 UPGRADE_PORT_VER=2.6.1 make fetch-depends 
build-depends lib-depends misc-depends]
===>   fusefs-libs-2.6.2 depends on executable in : pkg-config - found
make: don't know how to make misc-depends. Stop

A target removed from somewhere in /usr/ports/Mk?

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