HEADS UP: 4.x is no longer supported by the ports collection

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Thu Feb 1 00:52:01 UTC 2007

As previously announced, FreeBSD 4.x has now reached its end of life
and is no longer supported in the ports collection (or by the security
officer for security fixes).

I have tagged the ports collection with the RELEASE_4_EOL tag to
provide a "last known good" tree as a convenience to those remaining
users who intend to self-support their own 4.x installations.

I will also be starting one final 4.x package build against this tag
for upload to the FTP servers; after this no further 4.x package
builds are planned.

Now that 4.x is unsupported we will begin to remove the legacy support
code that has been accumulating for the past 7+ years and complicating
certain aspects of the ports tree.  This means that in the near future
the ports tree will definitely become broken on 4.x and older systems.

Therefore maintainers are also no longer required to provide any form
of support for running their ports on FreeBSD 4.x, and may also remove
any legacy support code at their convenience.

RIP FreeBSD 4.x, you have served us well!


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