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On Mon, 24 Dec 2007, Umar wrote:

> Dear Stefan!
> Thanks for your reply!
>> touch /var/db/pkg/squid-<version>/+IGNOREME.
> I already done that. But its not working,

Wesley is correct that he's brought this to my attention already, and also 
correct that I didn't have time to respond due to the holidays. I just put 
a patch at http://dougbarton.us/pm-ignore-deleted.diff that should work 
for you if you have an +IGNOREME file for the port. I would rather do that 
than add another option since the +IGNOREME file is well documented, and 
compatible with portupgrade.

> ===>>> The www/squid25 port has been deleted: Has expired: This version is
> no longer supported by the developers
> so what should i do?

As others have already pointed out, you really should upgrade this, since 
there will be no new security fixes for squid 2.5.x. Do 'portmaster -l | 
more' and look for squid. If it's in the "leaf port" category, the update 
is easy:
portmaster -d -e squid-2.5.14_4
portmaster www/squid

If it's not in the leaf port category, you can do:
portmaster -o www/squid squid-2.5.14_4

This is assuming you have the latest version installed of course. Replace 
"squid-2.5.14_4" with whatever version you have installed.

hope this helps,


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