autoconf install not playing well?

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Wed Dec 26 14:15:16 PST 2007


	I'm going through upgrading 1/2 a zillion ports on
a machine, and while I was doing it all of a sudden I got
notification the server was not responding. It seems
/usr/local/bin/perl no longer existed. I went and checked
my /usr/local/bin and only found :

asgard# ls
autoconf-2.53   autom4te-2.53   autoscan-2.53   ifnames-2.53
autoheader-2.53 autoreconf-2.53 autoupdate-2.53

	The other thing I noticed is that there were 3
other directories that seemed ONLY to have autoconf stuff:

	info, man, share

	It seems it took my soft links that I used for all
those directories, deleted them, created new directories,
and installed the software. 

	Can anyone verify this? If so, WHY? Why would it
care? I'll spend the time re-copying all the files over
where they belong and continue on my upgrade... 

		Thanks, Tuc

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