pkg-config and library dependencies

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Mon Dec 24 18:43:51 PST 2007

Ed Schouten wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> This morning I ran a `readelf -d' on an application that I maintain
> I've added a bunch of patches for the ports I use for audio/herrie. I
> didn't file any PR's yet, because I'd like to hear your opinions on this
> matter. Are my findings correct?
Roger that. Those bugs must be fixed. Please submit your patches to the 
software authors. They will resist with some sort of "such change will 
break a lot of software builds" but may be are the lucky one. Just try ;-)
However there is one thing which is more complicated than it seems to 
be. On FreeBSD pthead library still must be linked directly to program 
binary. And this is what we handle locally.


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