multimedia/mplayer doesn't build (default options)

Tim Kellers timothyk at
Sat Dec 22 16:55:47 PST 2007

Tim Kellers wrote:
> Thomas Zander wrote:
>> On 22/12/2007, Dominic Fandrey <LoN_Kamikaze at> wrote:
>>> I've got a solution now. After the build failed just go to your 
>>> WRKDIR and run
>>> gmake. The build will finish just fine. I've got no idea why it 
>>> doesn't work
>>> through the ports.
>> This is indeed strange. I still couldn't figure out how to trigger
>> this problem. However I have done "pkg_delete -a" on a 7.0 box and
>> installed all ports from scratch, including mplayer with the default
>> options. No problem whatsoever. It would really be helpful to know
>> what causes this issue.
>> Riggs
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> I've been hacking around inside this problem during my downtime at 
> work for days, now.  I'm trying the "gmake solution" now, but I've 
> broken so many things (fontconfig, gtk1.x, gtk2.x, etc) trying to 
> figure this out that I have to unbreak everything before I can see if 
> using gmake in the WRKDIR fixes it for me, too.  I'll post updates as 
> things become less broken.
> Of all the (unsuccessful) things I was trying, running gmake wasn't 
> even on my radar screen.  What made you think to try that??
> Tim

Ok, things are now getting less broken for me...

By chance is anyone having this problem on a box (like mine) that was 
upgraded from 6.2 to 7.0?  The gmake solution failed for me when it 
tried to build xmms along with mplayer, with a failure in a compat lib 
that looked like something that was a holdover from my 6.2 upgrade.  I 
thought I had  run portupgrade -fa when I updated this  box (a Gateway 
laptop) when RELENG-7 was first tagged (or branched) but, obviously, I 
missed something.

More building continues...


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