Opinion on cross-port OPTIONS CONFLICTS

Pav Lucistnik pav at FreeBSD.org
Sat Dec 22 08:41:05 PST 2007

> > That's why you do slave port with an option toggled, when you need a
> > package you can depend on. OPTIONS haven't changed this aspect.
> But you can't readily specify option X enabled, option Y disabled on 
> that slave port. 

You can, that's the point.

> There may come a time when it's decided to either have vanilla 
> plists and seperate one(s) with options or dont track plists for non 
> default options at all. I bet most/many non-default ports don't get 
> properly packaged anyway as it is.

Port needs to package cleanly with any combination of OPTIONS specified. If it
doesn't, it needs to be fixed.

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