[RFC] Automated generation of /etc/resolv.conf from the rc.d script

Wesley Shields wxs at atarininja.org
Thu Dec 20 09:59:40 PST 2007

On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 04:44:59PM +0000, Roy Marples wrote:
> > I've took a stab at it[1].  If you have a FreeBSD box handy and can test
> > it out I'll be glad to receive feedback.  I've never used openresolv nor
> > do I have a use for it at the moment.  I'm not sure if my removal of the
> > symlink was the right thing to do or not since I'm not familiar with how
> > the software works.  Can you test out the port and let me know if it
> > works normally?
> Which symlink did you remove?

ln -snf /var/run/resolvconf $(ETCDIR)/run, which appears to be the only
symlink installed by openresolv.

> /etc/resolv.conf should be a symlink to
> $PREFIX/etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf otherwise it won't actually work
> as resolvconf never updates the real /etc/resolv.conf

This is not something the Makefile does automatically, correct?  I can
add a message saying that the user must make the symlink manually to
enable openresolv?

> $PREFIX/etc/resolvconf/run should be a symlink to /var/run/resolvconf so
> that all prior information collected is cleaned when the system boots.

OK, I'll put this back in - I'm not really sure about the policies on
installing things in /var/run though.  I know one of my other ports
touches /var so I guess it should be OK.

I've made the changes and updated the shar at the original location.  If
you can test it out and let me know if it works for you I would
appreciate it.  I've also added a message to be displayed during install
stating that the symlink of /etc/rc.conf needs to be applied manually,
and a message on deinstall stating that /var/run/resolvconf can be
removed if the port is no longer in use.

> > Also, if you want to be the maintainer I can change it to your address
> > if I send a PR for it.
> No, not really. I spent enough time maintaining my software :)

Fair enough.  If you would like to see it in ports I can send in the PR
and maintain it, despite not using it.  I'll at least be more responsive
to problem reports than nobody.  :)

> On another note, what is the preferred means of getting something into
> ports? I also have dhcpcd [1] and a ports Makefile for it (dhcpcd is a
> DHCP client)

Documentation on submission is at:


> Thanks
> Roy
> PS - not currently subscribed to ports@ - should I be for this
> discussion?

You don't have to be.

> [1] http://dhcpcd.berlios.de/

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