Ports Re-engineering: Semi-official statement of scope and schedule

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 19 21:24:03 PST 2007

Perhaps it's implicit somewhere in your stuff, but one thing that I have 
not seen mentioned is along the lines of what Mike Makonnen is doing with 
his prototype new installer. Namely divorcing the parts of the system that 
do the work and the UI.

Irrespective of the perceived value of any of the other goals, this kind 
of work would really add value to the system, since it would allow for 
building fancier front ends, including HTML, X applications, etc.

>From my perspective (as someone writing tools to interact with the ports 
system) a well defined API for interacting with the system would be 
enormously valuable, and spur further innovation. I also think that the 
work to define the API would go a long way toward helping to structure the 




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