FreeBSD Ports Search webpage is not usable

Кутейников Дмитрий kuteynikov at
Wed Dec 19 13:30:26 PST 2007

Web interface for ports collection is very inconvenient. I want to find
package to install it by `pkg_add -r` command (because I don't have much
time to build it from ports tree) but it's name on the site and in the
package server differ. I've spent a lot of time trying to guess, what
command I should enter to install : `pkg_add -r`, `pkg_add -r openofficeorg-23`, `pkg_add -r
openofficeorg23`, `pkg_add -r` or `pkg_add -r
openoffice-org_23`. It's unbearable! Look at
It's simple. It gave me all information I need to know and I can type
`apt-get install` or download precompiled package straight
from the site.

FIX: Show real package names in the search results and give a link to
precompiled package.

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