request about misc/chmlib

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Wed Dec 19 09:20:30 PST 2007

Jockey Kyd wrote:
> Hi.
> It seems that misc/chmlib doesn't include any executable to install, say,
> enum_chmLib, extract_chmLib, chm_http, etc. There's also no option left for us
> to control this installation. But these utilities are so useful that can
> replace any other chm readers from my point of view, especially chm_http.

Indeed, a good idea..

> So here I request that these tools be included.

I've send a PR with the change request:

PR: ports/118861

Please keep an eye on it to see when it gets committed:

> Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the advice!

> Jockey

Pietro Cerutti

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