FreeBSD Port: horde-base-3.1.5_1

Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Wed Dec 19 03:34:18 PST 2007

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 10:37:52AM -0000, Barry Byrne wrote:
> Just portupgraded from horde-base-3.1.5 to 3.1.5_1 and ended up with an
> parse error in NSL.php.
> Checked the patched file (NLS.php) and I had something like this;
>  \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0/* avoid FreeBSD issapce(3) bug */
>  \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0if(NLS::getCharset() == "UTF-8"){
>  \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0setlocale(LC_CTYPE,"C");
>  \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0}
> When I replaced the \xa0 with tabs, all was fine again.

The parse error is probably because PHP does not have Unicode or
multibyte character support enabled.  The patch file in question
contains actual Unicode characters.  You might try rebuilding PHP with
Zend support for multibyte characters (it's an option in "make config")
and see if that improves things.

IMHO, the files/patch-lib_Horde_NLS.php patch should be using ASCII
characters for the actual source to ensure 100% compatibility.  There's
nothing in that patch that requires the source itself to contain non-
breaking spaces (UTF-8 which I assume is what 0xa0 is).

> Perhaps it's something with my system (6.2Release p-9), but I've not had an
> issue like this before.

There's a PR for this commit.  I've CC'd people on the PR, as this
probably needs some additional focus.

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