adding enigmail to seamonkey

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Tue Dec 18 12:21:35 PST 2007

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Robert Huff wrote:
> Chuck Robey writes:
>>  Well, the enigmail-seamonkey install has the same somewhat bare
>>  hint, so I went looking for the Tools->AddOns menu, but that's a
>>  lost cause, it's not there, although the install comment in the
>>  port tells you it is.  Well, sez I, go look into the .thunderbird
>>  file, figure out where the enigmail.xpt file went, and ciopy it
>>  to the same spot in .seamonkey ... that's not any good, because
>>  there isn't any .seamonkey directory in my homedir.  So, that
>>  might or might not work.
>>  I'm lost.  Anyone gotten the enigmail-seamonkey port to work?
> 	My seamonkey always looked in the same place Mozilla did; as
> far as I remember I don't have aything special set to make that
> happen.
Robert, do you remember how you went about installing your enigmail into
seamonkey?  Apparently, after you build the enigmail-seamonkey port, you still
have to take some action with the newly built seamonkey (as had to happen with
enigmail-firefox), but the hint given in the message listed in the
enigmail-seamonkey port gives me menu options to hit, that don't exist in
seamonkey.  So I need to know how you installed it.  I don't have a mozilla to
check.  I have a firefox; is the installation a mere option of locating the
enigmail.xpt file in the firefox config dir, and placing that came file in the
 seamonkey config dir?  And, do you know the name of the seamonkey config dir?
 Is it .mozilla?
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