clamav 0.92 port in the making ?

Maciej Suszko maciej at
Tue Dec 18 09:26:45 PST 2007

craig001 at wrote:
> Hi All
> I am just enquiring to see if anybody has started work porting 0.92
> of clamav yet?
> Freshclam is upset that clamav is out of date.
> I have checked the pr's and can't see anything pending.
> I have also tried to contact the maintainer Renato Botelho
> <garga at>, but received a referral.

If that's not a problem, you can try temporary solution - copy
daily.cvd from your closest mirror (
to clamav working directory, then reload clamd with -HUP signal. This
way you've got fresh virus signatures... but it's only temporary
solution as the next time they change, freshclam is going to tell you
your engine is too old.
regards, Maciej Suszko.
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