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> Well, assuming that I can't get enigmail-seamonkey fixed up, I was
> wondering if I could get a recommendation about a mailer.  This
> following is my list of requirements, so please don't lets open up a
> mailer free-for-all (I like the ACME mailer!) unless it has what I'm
> after, ok?
> Seeing as I initially liked Seamonkey, it should surprise noone that I
> want a graphical UI (no ascii interface, please, I don't care how much
> you like it) and it works with the latest version of the gnupg port
> (version 2.04) and not the older gnupg1 port, so I can use my present
> keys to sign/encrypt stuff. Lastly, I has to allow for an imap interface
> to the mail.  That's all: GUI, GNUpg-2.04, and IMAPv4

The best MUA I've ever used, and it meets all three of your requirements 
easily.  The one complaint users consistently have (but not me!) about it 
is that it doesn't "do" HTML email (meaning that it won't display the 
images inline and won't run scripts.)

It's the geek's email client, loaded with useful features such as a single 
"new mail" folder that displays *all* new mail regardless of account or 
folder (so you seldom have to expand your account folders), multiple 
identities, the ability to "lock" accounts to specific signatures, 
identities and smtp servers so replies are "automatically" correct, 
unlimited accounts with no sharing of inboxes or other folders, effortless 
handling of both POP and IMAP4 regardless of folder size and/or message 
size, and, well, I could go on and on but I won't.

Mulberry *was* closed source but is now open source and is actively 
developed.  It handles iCal, WebDav Cal, IMSP, ACAP and LDAP addressbooks 
and several other protocols including Sieve filtering.  I use it to access 
Exchange (IMAP), Cyrus IMAP, Courier IMAP and two different POP accounts.

You might love it.  You might hate it.  But you should definitely try it.

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