adding enigmail to seamonkey

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Dec 17 20:13:11 PST 2007

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I'm trying to add enigmail to seamonkey, and not having much fun doing it.
I'm rather hoping someone here can help me.

First, I'm using Seamonkey's mailer (and not Thunderbird) because it handled
the formatting of fixed-width-font lines better.  Where Thunderbird would show
me llines getting as wide as my window, Seamonkey added in CRs at the 76th
character, like I asked for.  Not sure, this maybe has (or will) change, but
I'm  not looking at that here.  I went ahead and stuck enigmail in Thunderbird
as a dry-run, and while there was very little instruction in the port telling
you how to install the enigmail port (the process of installing it is NOT
handled by the port).  It's apparently done by selecting
Tools->Addons->Install, which copies a engimail.xpt file (the port's
instructions really should mention that filename, you need it explicitly) and
that menu option installs it for you.

Well, the enigmail-seamonkey install has the same somewhat bare hint, so I
went looking for the Tools->AddOns menu, but that's a lost cause, it's not
there, although the install comment in the port tells you it is.  Well, sez I,
go look into the .thunderbird file, figure out where the enigmail.xpt file
went, and ciopy it to the same spot in .seamonkey ... that's not any good,
because there isn't any .seamonkey directory in my homedir.  So, that might or
might not work.

I'm lost.  Anyone gotten the enigmail-seamonkey port to work?
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