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Mon Dec 17 07:38:32 PST 2007

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 09:27:33 -0600
Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> wrote:

> > Auto-detection is certainly avoidable. Some for example only enable
> > detection of MMX/SSE/etc instructions when not building in
> > pointyhat/tinderbox. IIRC ports should respect the users' choice, but
> > it's not easy with the current OPTIONS handling (some have knobs that
> > can be set to on/off/auto).
> > 
> > I think this could be solved (for both current and possible new system)
> > like it's done with Python/wxWidgets/Apache/etc where there are port
> > preference/user preference/auto detection/system default, in a properly
> > fallback order. The problem is that there is no framework to do that
> > with OPTIONS for individual ports.
> I think that if a totally new system is created, it should be done in 
> such a way that the port creators are forced to use a systematic 
> approach for OPTIONS.  This is currently done in many different ways.

Yes, and options/knobs unification would be the first step towards it.
The problem is that is has many limitations and is insufficient for
some kind of uses (which still need knobs).

> > The messages in pkg-message are packaged with the description/etc in
> > the generated package. However some ports just print text to the
> > screen, and that isn't recorded. It mostly depends on the port, but a
> > recording framework may be useful (i.e. echo to screen and pkg-message).
> My point was not that ports sometimes generates messages that packages 
> don't.  Rather it is that packages created using "make package" have 
> messages whereas those created with "pkg_create" don't.  (Openoffice is 
> a good example of this.)

Didn't know that, as almost never used packages (until a few days, to
backup a port built with/without debugging support, and it had a
pkg-message which wasn't packaged).

This will have to be solved by extending the package/package management
tools capabilities (there are also other things to improve).

Best Regards,
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