Request for Features: Ports Re-engineering

Brian bri at
Mon Dec 17 06:44:33 PST 2007

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
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> In order to finalize the general nature of the ports re-engineering
> effort this thread is designed to specifically explore the features
> people want to see.
> Please supply one or more of the following:
> * Up to 4 user stories of how you would like to use the ports system
> (may or may not be possible in the current one)
> * Up to 4 use cases for how you would like to interact with the ports
> system
> * Up to 4 features/requirements you think the new system should have
> * Up to 4 features/requirements that you feel *MUST* remain from the
> current system
> * Any non-functional requirements you can think of
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I dont use X on FreeBSD, so cannot comment on al th Xorg stuff.  Keeping 
in mind that I believe it is appropriate for this new tool to make it at 
lest a little easier on new users, while still giving them valuable 
info, I suggest the following.

1. I would like for the new equivalent of portupgrade -P to actually 
find and install packages more often than building ports, currently this 
is not the case, for me at least.
2. If the tool implemented the functionality of fastest_cvsup when 
downloading files from FreeBSD servers, users would likely see a 
performance improvement, and FreeBSD would likely see better load 
3. System changes that are necessary for proper functionality are 
delivered via email to a specified email address or to some easy to find 
and refer to file, with the option to have them done by the install 
routine if the user desires that.
4. Log of what ports were installed/upgraded/downgraded at what time.


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