Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Sun Dec 16 20:56:40 PST 2007

I need some help on using gpg with my mail client, and I use seamonkey's 
mail handler to access my dovecot imap server.   I see that Enigmail is 
the thing that normally handles getting gpg to work with seamonkey, but 
there are two possible ports that zi might use, and they don't both 
have pkg-descr's.

There's a mail/engimail, but there's also a mail/enigmail-seamonkey, and 
it's that latter one that has no description, not even a plist to help 
out.  If I already have a Seamonkey that I like, which should I install? 
  I am worried that the enigmail-seamonkey port might build and install 
another seamonkey for me, which I really don't want.

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