TeTeX and TeXLive

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
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Bakul Shah <bakul at bitblocks.com> wrote
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ba> Why not add TeXLive port even as it is, so that people can
ba> play with it?  As for modularization, I hope you don't go the
ba> extreme of a zillion little pieces but instead break it in a
ba> few pieces to cover about 90% of the use(rs).  More pieces
ba> means more things can go wrong.... [just my opinion]

 It is because we cannot make a port of software that is not in
 TeXLive.  Some localized TeX variants use non-standard software and
 sometimes it conflicts ones in TeXLive for example, so a TeXLive port
 as it is does not work there (the current teTeX port and the related
 ports work, btw).  Also, I do not want to bother people who are not
 interested in using TeX itself but need to install software which
 depends on TeX (not related TeX and just for typesetting a document
 during the building stage, for example).  I do not like an >500MB
 package will be installed when I just want to install a small piece
 of software.

 Supporting minimal installation is needed for these reasons.  One
 large package of TeXLive would make people happy for the moment, but
 they would notice and suffer from issues of integration with other
 ports and consistent upgrading.

 Do you think splitting it to small packages will be a big problem?  I
 realize it takes additional time, but considering pros and cons I
 think it is better to do so.  If you have any ideas that points to a
 bad scenario, please let me know more specific.

| Hiroki SATO
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