Limitations of Ports System

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Sat Dec 15 10:41:51 PST 2007

David Southwell wrote:
> And get this
> I have been around the computer world using *nix long before freebsd came 
> along. That does not mean what I say today deserves to be judged other than 
> on its face value. However what over 40 years in IT has encouraged me to 
> think  that those who invite people to judge a book by its cover have either 
> not read the book or can't be bothered to do so.
> I am sure you have a lot of knowledge and experience but I doubt whether your 
> collegiality is more attractive than your sense of humour. 
> I recall you once said:
> "remember sometimes my jokes are crude"
>  judging by your contributions to this thread am I not entitled to wonder if 
> your assessment of your jokes is also applicable to your general standard of 
> reasoning?

I am making no jokes. Also note that I was not speaking to you, so why 
do you get in the middle of every one elses business?
> Now please take note;
> 1. This thread is entitled Limitation of Ports System. Please stay on topic.
I was not the person who went off topic, perhaps you should read back to 
the beginning on this thread where Aryeh began to bring his "project" 
back into this topic.

> 2. If you want people to take you seriously either post some technical 
> information relevant to the topic that gains you some credibility or press 
> the delete key and keep quiet.
I have no need to gain credibility, those who know me know exactly how 
"credible" I am. those who dont, I could care less what they think. This 
includes you sir.
> 3. Please stop trolling.
I am not trolling, If I didnt know any better, I'd say that you are the 
one trolling.
> 4. You could start a thread "Why we should not discuss the limitations of Port 
> System and keep your contributions on topic there. I can assure you that I 
> will not be trying to highjack that dialogue.

Thats rediculous, certainly your 40+ years in IT would have discovered 
this long before posting such useless comments.

I rarely post on -ports anymore, due to the lack of order and respect 
for those who actually DO SOMETHING, and not just bitch and moan about 
things that should be done.

This thread is useless, as there is no actual solutions attached.. If 
you want to bitch and moan about how things should get done on freebsd, 
then move it to -chat, theres plenty of trolls to feed there.


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