Limitations of Ports System

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Sat Dec 15 08:37:48 PST 2007

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> Your correct that there are 2 seperate issues at play here but there
> is a common solution (and to be honest I have yet to see any
> feature/issue discussed in any of the re-engineering threads that
> doesn't at least become more manageable under this general design
> concept I am working under).... I hate to keep referring to Miller97
> but I think it highlights (directly or indirectly) every single issue
> that has been discussed while a little off topic (and slightly self
> serving) there is a good explanation of  the general idea behind what
> I have in  mind in the  cook tutorial (I am the author thus it is
> self-serving)
> In the the specific case of parallel builds once we pre-scan the DAG
> it is trivial to do a *FULL* DFS on it and just say for any time two
> ports are not in the same DFS generated subtree in respect to some
> root target (can be recursive) they can be build in parallel.  Locking
> is also trivial now that the decision on ordering is made by the ports
> system and not indivual ports makefiles. (the indivual make files are
> still needed to build the port but should not and by definition can
> not contain knowledge about their depends).
> Side note the more we discuss this the more obvious it becomes to me
> it has to be in some OO lang and since C++ is the only one in the base
> system it kind of forces C++ to be the implementation lang.
<...removing completely unnecessary CC list...>

Let me get this straight. You've been on this list for around 3 months, 
you do not maintain any ports, and about the only threads you've been 
involved in related to redesigning the ports? Please.. You really have 
no idea how complex a system you are attempting to engineer. I shouldn't 
even say attempting, because I have yet to see any code, ideas for code, 
or even talk of what language it will be in. (mind you, I haven't went 
back through the 3-4 threads on this same topic you've participated in) 
Please take this thread elseware, there is no need to make it public 
until you have something to show the masses.

    Frank Laszlo

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