TeTeX and TeXLive

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Fri Dec 14 01:10:12 PST 2007

Albert Shih wrote:

> I'm just want known if there are any plan to replace teTeX ports (the
> project as stop) by TeXLive ?
> I've send long time ago a mail to teTeX maintainer and I don't have any
> answer. 
> I known that's nothing urgent, but without tex the live is hard ;-)

Well, TeX itself is frozen since many years, so the differences between 
TeTeX and TeXLive are of the order of the infinitesimal. It is not like
you could not do "happy texing" using TeTeX. Of course the migration to
TeXLive will have to occur but i understand that it is not an ultra hot
priority. Personnally i would be happier with a distribution much
lighter than TeTeX, i think the only progress of any interest in all
that stuff is pdftex. If only i could put Latex2e in the trash can ...


Michel TALON

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