TeTeX and TeXLive

Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 23:58:50 PST 2007


On 14/12/2007, Nikola Lečić <nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 02:24:09 +0100
> Albert Shih <Albert.Shih at obspm.fr> wrote:
> > I'm just want known if there are any plan to replace teTeX ports (the
> > project as stop) by TeXLive ?
> >
> > I've send long time ago a mail to teTeX maintainer and I don't have
> > any answer.
> "Me too."
> I must add that I tried two times to contact two FreeBSD developers who
> (according to the public sources) seemed to be interested in this;
> never got a single word of reply. Having in mind that I offered a help,
> some experience and maintaining/testing availability, I can't
> understand this. It's very discouraging.

Some time ago I asked which TeX-Port would be the best, LaTeX oder
teTeX. People here on this list recommended teTeX.
TeXLive came up, too, and AFAIK there is work being done to include it
in the ports system. But TeXLive is a distribution that contains loads
of stuff that isn't needed with FreeBSD, and some parts don't fir into
a FreeBSD system. So there's lots of work to be done and TeXLive can't
be expected anytime soon.
For more detail please see the list archives, I'm pretty sure I asked
on questions@ but I can't access my own archives right now.


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