results of ports re-engineering survey

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Dec 13 08:20:02 PST 2007

Stephen Montgomery-Smith writes:

>  I understand that you might have a private definition of ports@
>  that it should only discuss the current system.  But if this is
>  all you come to this group for, just press the delete key when it
>  is not something you are personally interested in.

	I have no such restriction,  I think complaints are on-topic.
I wish those trying to build a better mousetrap prompt and complete
success.  And I congratulate them for putting code on paper.
	On the other hand ... once the discussion has moved from
"Something oughta be done." to "We've started a project." -
especially one that will generate enough light (never mind heat) on
its own, it's time to take it elsewhere (within the larger FreeBSD
environment).  Wiki, special mailing list, private mailing list,
whatever works.
	If I'm interested in the project, I gain by having all the bits
in one place and not having to filter against the generic
"java/OpenOffice/<fill in the blank> won't compile/is slow/ate my
poodle" traffic.
	If I'm not interested in the project, well, we can all fill in
the details.  A monthly or bi-weekly announcement would not be out
of line.

				Robert Huff

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