Ion3 removal (Re: Ion3 license violation)

Tuomo Valkonen tuomov at
Thu Dec 13 06:44:38 PST 2007

On 2007-12-13, Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
> Did you not understand the part where Mark described the requirement to
> avoid possible legal trouble?  

Which part of my reply did you not understand? 

And at least where I come from, contracts are legally enforceable, 
even if they're only oral ones -- which would certainly include 
permissions given on a public mailing list.

> *) FreeBSD has agreed to remove the offending port in order to comply
>    with your license requirements.  However, you continue to complain.

And you continue to spread misinformation, which I want to correct.

> *) _Anyone_ could submit a patch to the port to abide by your license
>    requirements and it's likely that it will be committed, yet
>    _nobody_ has.

Wrong; see a recent post by the portmgr.

>    Even you, Tuomo, claim to have bold and revolutionary
>    ideas on package distribution yet would rather argue than WRITE A
>    PATCH AND SUBMIT IT!  Beyond that, you've _IGNORED_ posts that I've
>    made in the past suggesting this.

I have other things to do than learn yet another packaging system.
Those things include fixing things in Ion3, so that a stable release
could eventually be made.

> *) You blame "distro folks" as abusing developers and expecting them
>    to just provide free work, then you turn around an complain that
>    the FreeBSD people should bend over backwards to accommodate the
>    software you wrote.  You're doing the _exact_ thing you accuse
>    others of doing.

As others have stated, it's not difficult to comply with the license.
But people are getting paranoid.

> *) You continually abuse this mailing list by twisting other persons
>    posts to your agenda by snipping relevant information, replying
>    only to the parts that you want to, and redirecting the meaning of
>    other posts.

Good to hear you're not alone.

> Please go somewhere that you can find emotional healing Tuomo.  I, for
> one, will be glad to see you return as a sane person but have no desire
> to watch this thread continue as long as you're sick.

Healthy mind in a healthy body. The social body of the FOSS movement
is sick.


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