Ion3 removal (Re: Ion3 license violation)

Beech Rintoul beech at
Wed Dec 12 17:00:10 PST 2007

On Wednesday 12 December 2007, Mikhail Teterin said:
> > The simple fact is that Tuomo has some strange desire to blame
> > packagers for all his problems with software and users.
> Yes, license-crafting lawyers are usually more polite and don't
> engage in direct communications with forums such as ours. Their
> licenses suck much more, however -- think Java, cdrtools, or Skype,
> and all the other closed-source packages. Put Tuomo's demands in
> perspective, for crying out loud...

Lets not pick on Skype. While they may be closed source, they are very 
accommodating and interested in FreeBSD and FreeBSD users. They 
certainly don't put unreasonable demands on me as maintainer or the 
FreeBSD Project itself. I have direct access to their developers and 
they in fact rolled the new OSS version mostly for our benefit. There 
are no "28 day or rename it something else" provisions anywhere in 
their license. That to me is a completely unreasonable demand.


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