Ion3 license violation

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Dec 12 12:09:04 PST 2007

In response to Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov at>:

> On 2007-12-12, Russell Jackson <raj at> wrote:
> > Damn it. I use this software, and I even feel somewhat responsible 
> Don't worry, you're not responsible (much). I'd been monitoring the
> situation having heard of a ports freeze, and nothing having been
> done to mark the Ion package as (potentially) obsolete or anything.
> Not much asked, but it seems distros don't like to admit that they 
> distribute obsolete and buggy software.

Translation: Tuomo was just waiting around in the hopes that he could
start bitching and cause trouble.  He could have pre-emptivly offered
his assistance to ensure that the FreeBSD ports tree didn't drift too
far out of sync, but instead he just waited around until the opportune
moment to start bitching and crying like a baby.

If you were watching, why didn't you point this out back at the
beginning of the ports freeze?

> > I wasn't running the version in ports CVS. I was running a modified local
> > port that did pull the latest ion sources. I also had to explicitly enable
> > mod_xinerama with a make define; so, it isn't part of the the binary
> > package or a default port install.
> The option doesn't seem Ion-specific and isn't documented to add 
> unsupported features. A much better place for the module would in 
> any case be, say, x11-wm/ion-3-extras/mod_shit-o-rama. You could 
> also have mod_xrandr, mod_ionflux, and etc. under that kind of 
> setup. There's no reason why the module should deceivingly (and 
> inconveniently) be distributed hidden "within" the ion-3 package.

Either you didn't understand Russell's comment, or you're so bent on
blaming folks problems on "distro folks" that you're redirecting
the conversation in an attempt to prove your point, whatever it is.

> > I really don't see why the extreme action of removing it from ports was
> > necessary. :sigh:
> Distro folks are not reasonable; they think authors should be their
> undemanding and unquestioning slaves. I think we have learned that 
> already.

Who's we?  You and all the voices in your head?

Remind the voices that FreeBSD isn't a Linux distro, and maybe they'll
start feeding you accurate information instead of making you look insane.

Bill Moran

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