Ion3 license violation

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Dec 12 11:20:48 PST 2007

In response to Russell Jackson <raj at>:

> Russell Jackson wrote:
> > Damn it. I use this software, and I even feel somewhat responsible for perhaps possibly
> > Tuomo here after I reported a crash under FreeBSD 7 on the ion list that wound up having
> > something to do with the mod_xinerama extension -- something that I haven't had time to
> > further look into.

The simple fact is that Tuomo has some strange desire to blame packagers
for all his problems with software and users.  It's impossible for the
FreeBSD ports system to guarantee compliance with his arbitrarily
chosen "28 days" rule.  If he's going to demand that his terms be
followed, then it has to come out of the ports.

Bill Moran

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